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Exploration [Conspiracy]
Set: Conspiracy Type: Enchantment Rarity: Rare Cost: {G} You may play an additional land on each of your turns. "Only when we journey into the unknown can we find the impossible." —Cyrul the Wanderer
Pernicious Deed [Conspiracy]
Set: Conspiracy Type: Enchantment Rarity: Mythic Cost: {1}{B}{G} {X}, Sacrifice Pernicious Deed: Destroy each artifact, creature, and enchantment with converted mana cost X or less. "Yawgmoth," Freyalise whispered as she set the bomb, "now you will pay for your treachery."
Coercive Portal [Conspiracy]
Set: Conspiracy Type: Artifact Rarity: Mythic Cost: {4}
Reflecting Pool [Conspiracy]
Set: Conspiracy Type: Land Rarity: Rare Cost: {T}: Add to your mana pool one mana of any type that a land you control could produce. Does it reflect the future that once was or the past that can never be?
Selvala, Explorer Returned [Conspiracy]
Set: Conspiracy Type: Legendary Creature — Elf Scout Rarity: Rare Cost: {1}{G}{W} Parley — {T}: Each player reveals the top card of his or her library. For each nonland card revealed this way, add {G} to your mana pool and you gain 1 life. Then each player draws a card. "The Lowlands refuse to suffer at the whims of the High City."
Dack Fayden [Conspiracy]
Set: Conspiracy Type: Legendary Planeswalker — Dack Rarity: Mythic Cost: {1}{U}{R}
Dream Fracture [Conspiracy]
Set: Conspiracy Type: Instant Rarity: Common Cost: {1}{U}{U} Counter target spell. Its controller draws a card. Draw a card. "Creation is a paradox. It hatches from its opposite." —Olka, Mistmeadow witch
Vedalken Orrery [Conspiracy]
Set: Conspiracy Type: Artifact Rarity: Rare Cost: {4} You may cast spells as though they had flash. The model incorporated the fifth sun effortlessly, as if it had always known.
Marchesa's Smuggler [Conspiracy]
Set: Conspiracy Type: Creature — Human Rogue Rarity: Uncommon Cost: {U}{R} Dethrone (Whenever this creature attacks the player with the most life or tied for most life, put a +1/+1 counter on it.) {1}{U}{R}: Target creature you control gains haste until end of turn and can't be blocked this turn. "Watch your head . . . and your back."
Reito Lantern [Conspiracy]
Set: Conspiracy Type: Artifact Rarity: Uncommon Cost: {2} {3}: Put target card from a graveyard on the bottom of its owner's library. Lanterns carved from the mystic stones of the Reito Mines were said to light the way of lost souls.
Screaming Seahawk [Conspiracy]
Set: Conspiracy Type: Creature — Bird Rarity: Common Cost: {4}{U}
Flamewright [Conspiracy]
Set: Conspiracy Type: Creature — Human Artificer Rarity: Uncommon Cost: {R}{W} {1}, {T}: Create a 1/1 colorless Construct artifact creature token with defender. {T}, Sacrifice a creature with defender: Flamewright deals 1 damage to target creature or player. Those who can't conspire, create.